trust in maggots and a knife

October 27, 2009
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your words are deep,
they cut like a knife.
they slice my skin open.
I feel the knife sinking deeper into myself.
this trust I had for you,
I thought I could tell you anything,
I guess I truly can't.
you know you hurt me bad,
and I now I lay here,
crying my eyes out cause
you are such a back stabber.
you pretended to be something you weren't all along.
I thought I needed you,
but then again,
I thought I could trust you
and we know how that turned out.
I feel the maggots crawling in my skin,
I can see them moving around underneath,
I'm clawing at them,
cutting my arms to expose their small yellow bodies.
you put these things in me...
you say I can trust you,
you say you'll tell me no more lies,
you say you didn't mean to.
but how can I trust you?
you are like the knife cutting my skin,
like the maggots underneath my skin,
like the hand squeezing my heart.
you are the farthest away from being trusted...
yet I am still telling you this,
I didn't mind it...
once the pain is over,
once the sadness has become happy,
once the tears have all dried up,
once the whole has been filled...
I know I still love you.

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