Feelings Remain

October 27, 2009
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good times,
come and go,
and when they do,
you have to go with the flow,
you fixed me,
but now i'm falling apart,
and since your gone,
there's a hole in my heart,
the hole is so deep,
i feel empty inside,
and when im alone,
i still want to hide,
i want to disappear,
i want tot go away,
and all i do,
is keep wishing you'd stay,
with me forever,
because we were meant to be,
nobody else could,
ever set me free,
the way you did,
with your hugs and your smell,
if you say im happy,
i can't tell,
because it was you,
who set my soul on fire,
and my love for you,
will never tire,
but you can't see,
my love for you,
because you won't let me in,
the way you used to,
you keep my on edge,
away from your heart,
and that's why mine,
is falling apart,
because you won't trust me,
the way i trust you,
and now im on the break,
and don't know what to do,
i feel like i need you,
to complete me again,
but this story won't have,
that kind of end,
but now i can see,
that you don't need me,
but my love for you,
will always be,
kept deep inside,
away from you,
because i can't let,
you see through,
me like you did,
all those times before,
and now i wish,
that we had more,
times together,
cause maybe we could last,
but all your feelings for me,
are in the past,
that's where you left me,
so that's where i'll stay,
waiting for you,
one more day.

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