"Fisherman's Sorrow"

October 27, 2009
By Kyle Lawson BRONZE, Kokomo, Indiana
Kyle Lawson BRONZE, Kokomo, Indiana
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A shack by the lake
Where nearby Naiads dwell
And closer creeps the cottonmouth snake
Listen to the serene tune of leaves upon the water
Crouching on the jagged sits the boastful frog
Flies serenading sounds reminding him of true fodder
Adjacent to the shack lies the body
Love is lost, no longer here
Joy is gone, no time to adore beauty
Now slithering close draws in fear
There lies the body of the poor fisherman's wife
Slouched and withered the fisherman weeps
no purpose left in his sorrow-laden life
He swiftly swipes the knife
A bloodcurdling life and fresh blood spilled
Silence in the forest
Sever loss, no love

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