Lost in this world.

October 25, 2009
By , Minden, NV
She’s lost in this world, without anywhere to go.
She has no way out. She feels like she has nobody anymore.
She cries herself to sleep at night, with the fear of waking up to those nightmares that cease to fade away.
She hides away in her room, for that is the place she can be herself.
She feels invisible, forgotten, like she doesn’t belong here anymore.
The pain and the scars that person has left her, can never be erased.
Why must she feel so alone? What did she ever do to anyone else?
She often thinks to herself, I can get better, I can be the best.
But when she tries, she fails, fails, and fails.
The mirror image looking back at her makes her scream inside because she can’t be perfect.
She constantly compares herself to all the skinny people,
Who she aims to one day be. She thinks, “If I am to become as skinny as her, I will have won”.
That demon inside her head, telling her what to do,
What to eat, is slowly causing her to lose her grip in life.
She wishes for someone to be there for her, through thick and thin.
She’s scared to get close to those she loves, for she doesn’t want to hurt them. She doesn’t want them to think less of her, when they assure her that could never happen.
But its happened before.
All she wants, is someone who understands her. She’s tired of crying.
She just wants to be heard.
It’s be one year since this monster inside her has takin’ her captive. He told her he’ll never let go.
These are her words-

“Please, set me free. I just want my old life back. Help me be that Smiling, so full of life, girl again. For I have forgotten how. Help me get back up on my 2 feet again, for I just keep falling down. Teach me to be strong again, and have hope, for I have none left. Please.”

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volleyballuv said...
Nov. 8, 2009 at 2:05 pm
I think this is an amazing poem. Very well written my love :)
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