Different Yet the Same

October 25, 2009
By , Skokie, IL
memories fall through the stars and land in my open palm
as I turn my wrist and check the time they slowly fall to the ground
the clouds pull apart and I recognize a future, what that entails I do not know
I've been where I am forever, changing, but only to a limit
the possibilities are endless, as I approach my turn
but I wonder if the choice is mine, or if it was decided long ago
the pattern clearly makes no difference, we are who we are
I cant help but feel that while the first is not for me, neither is the second
but as I find a place to rest my mind, I realize the third does not exist
she means to compliment me, tells me I can reach higher
what she does not realize is that the comparison she makes in her mind
is clear on her face. I am not what they are- what I should be.
if I only tried I could be like them, different yet the same

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