Dance is Love

October 25, 2009
By lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Dance Toe, ball, heel
Take the step of life
Once started It’s my soul mate, the one I can’t live without
Like a little girl and her doll Where would I be, where could I be, Without this
Holding on tight, As a young boy to his mother’s hand; I’m never letting go,
And that’s something, he’ll always know.
While racing time, with no finish line, People rearrange and times change,
One thing in soul and mind will always stay the same.
A love, a passion, which does not change with glances or so
An Obsession that can’t quiet its noise
But it doesn’t even try, Like the impossible, it can never be done It’s the one thing I love, And nothing made in this tangled and given world could pull me away from such a love

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