October 25, 2009
By Diamond Dees BRONZE, Bellwood, Illinois
Diamond Dees BRONZE, Bellwood, Illinois
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Your kisses were like poison.
They were like the taste of sweet
The intoxication of your kisses
left me dizzy and breathless.
Your smooth, soft lips felt
lighter than a cloud.
I try to resist, but I cannot
pull away.

How you held me close
felt like a fairy tale.
I felt like we’re a couple.
Like Bonnie and Clyde
or even like Romeo and Juliet.

Your touch made me forget how forbitten this love was.
Your scent made me forget how risky it might be
if we were caught together.

I fed into your lies and deceit.
I was blinded by your charm.
I was blinded by the seven deadly sins.
that crept up beneath me to haunt me.

I regret you holding me.
I regret kissing you.
I regret loving you.

Now I learned how our love is tainted.
How I meant nothing to you.
How I wasted time with you.
How “us” was a lie.

I stood off to the side
and watched you give that
same loving look to someone else.

I stood off to the side
and noticed my heart began
to beat slower.

I stood off to the side
and wiped the tears off my face.

I stood off to the side
and I felt alone and bitter.

I didn’t want to move.
I felt tangled as a spider web.
I tried to escape the horror
but I can’t help but to watch
your tainted ways.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after I was in a difficult relationship with a guy that I thought was true. I didn't know he was just using me and that he still had a girlfriend. I hope people can feel my pain and tears I went through.

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