October 25, 2009
By harvardsp2013 SILVER, Castleton, New York
harvardsp2013 SILVER, Castleton, New York
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What's meant to be will come to be

ithink, ithought, ithunk,
that we could be together.
I gave you such a chance,
hoping you'd be better.

Maybe we were better off friends?
Laughing, playing, running,
revealing untold secrets,
everyday til' the end.

I want to be with you real bad,
I used all that I had,
I begged pleaded and reasoned,
but in the end I faced the wrath of my dad.

"You can never be together"
not today not tomorrow.
That boy is no good for you,
I don't care about your sarrow.

Everyday after school,
I dread to go home,
because I wont have you,
to pretect me when I'm alone.

My parents want to get rid of me,
but my brother does not agree.
So they came up with a 'compromise'
with that it makes me want to flee.

It makes me wonder what's it like, to live on my own.
No set rules to go by,
kind of like when your grown.

My mom says she put too much time into me,
to see me with this boy,
who is bad as can be.

I told her I accept the concequences,
for all that I've done.
Even if I feel,
I have barley done none.

When that was all said,
I had one last thing to proclaim
"You can take everything away,
but he is going to stay."

If this behavior keeps up young lady,
I am sorry to say,
you will not go to school with him anymore,
we will move you away.

Tears streaming down my face,
I ran up to my room,
tried to grap my cell phone,
then realized that was taken too.

So now what do I tell him,
you can't see me anymore?
But I still love him,
and with each day I love him more.

With time I'll regain my privlages,
my phone, my iPod, my life.
But he will stay far away,
until the time is right.

And when that day comes,
when we finally can be together,
they will see how great he is,
and how it will last forever.

Now that you've read this,
please don't cry,
they're punishment is making me a stronger woman,
and I'll remember never to lie...

ithink, i thought, i thunk,
I know I'll survive,
because one day it will be better,
I say with a sigh...

The author's comments:
Unfourtionatly, this is a true story. My boyfriend came over when my parents weren't home. They found out. Long story short, I'm not their princess anymore.

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