Interrupted Peace

October 25, 2009
By whiterosebeauty GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
whiterosebeauty GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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The bright sun on my face
Cold water on my feet
And the sound of the waves
Putting me to sleep
It's a gorgeous day
To end my vacation on the beach

But my peace is soon interrupted
By the siren of paramedics
And the rushed whistles of lifeguards
Complete and utter chaos
Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with curiosity

A helicopter now flys overhead
It's the coast guard
I now feel guilty for my
Initial curious feeling
Someone must be lost at sea

I ask questions
But no one has answers
Until finally I learn
That they are searching for a boy
A twelve year old boy

The current proved to be too much for him
Now a boat passes as well
Followed close behind by
The continuing pattern of the helicopter

I fell so helpless
How can I just sit here and watch
When a young boy has just died?
The sight of the helicopter
Sends chills down my spine
I didn't eve know him
Yet I'm grieving just the same

A storm rolls in
Ending the search early
Now not hearing the drone of the helicopter above
May be more unsettling than not
For the boy is no longer
But the body is yet to be found
Sitting here I do the only thing I know to do
Ask the Lord to do what I couldn't
I pray for the family
And I pray for the boy

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