Shadow Monster

October 25, 2009
By Danae SILVER, Scott Depot, West Virginia
Danae SILVER, Scott Depot, West Virginia
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Run away, hide inside,
escape the world you know.
They all follow close behind,
a monster dare to show.
It's hidden deep
but still to release;
away its sure to go
Noone's sure to know.

Keep running!
Further now
your problems will catch up.
Hide them deeper;
push them down further.
No matter how far they go,
No matter how great they are,
They shall surly follow your shadow
As a monster on the prow.

The author's comments:
Eveyone has a secret sin. (sin is something you know is wrong but you do it anyway like lying stealing murder and adultry) We try to keep these covered and hide them under a rug so noone can see them.

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