I Am From

October 25, 2009
I am from my sister.
My twin, my best friend.
Same eyes, hands, and DNA.
We are two different people, but yet we are one.

We are from enjoying each other's company.
Playing dolls and imaginary when we were little.
We were from creating our own place together. Imagination.
We were from innocence, curiousity, and bright hopeful eyes.

We are from teenage years.
Boys, excitement, and love-caused tears.
Although we feel and went through different things,
we still understand each other completely.
A word needn't be spoken for us to understand.

We are from times both dark and bright.
People we love dying, and more to be born.
The gain and loss of friends.
We will always have each other.

We are from staying up all night
Just talking to each other.
Laughing and crying together.
Doing everything together.

I am from wondering what it's like not having a twin.
How can someone live without someone just like them?
I wish others could get an idea of what having a twin is.
It's not just having someone that looks like you,
but it's the greatest thing that could ever happen to someone.

I am from my sister.
My twin, my best friend.
We will always have each other.
I never have to worry about being alone.
Each day, I thank God for being born with my best friend.
For being born with a life and reason to live.

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