Long Lost Mother

October 25, 2009
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Hello my long lost mother
I remember your arms
I remember your voice
Singing me to sleep
Slow and sweet but always sad
You used to hold me
But now when I touch you
I know you will be gone
Too soon
Always too soon
So I cling for that one last moment
The moment when I can pretend you still are home
But you’re never coming back
I hope you find what you were looking for
Maybe the next time you sing it won’t be so sad
I miss you

My tears fall in a slow rhythm
When I was young you would wipe them from my cheeks
But now they dry, cold and hard
Goodbye my long lost mother
I love you
I hope you find me one day

Sometimes I dream that your arms are around me once again
But the warmth is never there
And you vanish
Too soon
Always too soon
Goodbye my long lost mother

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