Child River

October 25, 2009
By xxemptypagesxx SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
xxemptypagesxx SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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"The ground will always be below your feet and the sky above your head."

Would you be my playmate
Little rock?
Can we laugh and scream
And dance and seem
Like this will never end?
Would you be my lover
Giant boulder?
Can we dance and tumble
And twirl around each other
And laugh and seem that every
Boom of thunder is our song
And every strike of lightening
Is our starry night?
Would you be my life
Falling cliff?
Can I run and gurgle
And skip and stumble
And run right over your edge?
Would you be my heart
Beautiful rainbow?
And keep my secrets tight
Would you keep me warm
In the coldest of nights
Would you be my wonder
Would you be my amazing sight
As I a young little river
Continue with my life

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this from the river that runs through my backyard. I take photos of it all the time and one day it just looked so beautiful I thought it might like to share its story.

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