I am Weak, I am Strong

October 25, 2009
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I will grow, for I am strong
I am human, not a song,
I will change, but still I am me,
It is life, but not how I want it to be,
I change direction, but it’s not goodbye,
My feelings will not change, until the day I die,
You can hurt me, but the pain will fade,
I won’t forget, look at this mess made,
I will hide; I can run no more,
There was happiness, for once I saw,
I will fall, for I am alone,
Is it me, or does life have a sad tone?

If you loved me, the way I loved you,
Then just maybe, I would be happy too,
If you were by my side,
To you I would confide,
Nothing would be too hard,
I wouldn’t write on card,
If the past were the present,
I would feel better than a peasant,
And these feelings would not be real,
But still, can I help how I feel?

I fall to pieces, nothing holds me up,
My joy can be measured in a cup,
I cry, there is no reason to smile,
But I know, all the while,
I wouldn’t be here without you,
But you can’t see this too,
Don’t leave me now,
Will tears you only allow?

However many I cry,
They will always dry,
For I am not a song,
But I know that I am strong.

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