How the Snake Gots its Hiss

October 25, 2009
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Snake was cursed with no voice,
Not even a hiss.
He just sat in the grass,
Hoping not to get squished.

He was sitting in safety,
Or so he thought.
But when he was stepped on,
Imagine the pain it brought!

Snake let out a silent cry,
One which was never heard.
It was only witnessed
By his little friend, Bird.

Bird came to the rescue
And said, "You poor thing!
Nothing can save you,
Not even a wing.

"We'll call God up
And ask for one wish.
Maybe you'll get lucky
With at least a hiss!"

Bird gave God a call,
Called him right away.
It was decided they meet
By the Southside Bay.

Bird, Snake, and God
Met up at the dock
At a time that read
Exactly two o'clock.

God saw Snake in pain
And thought of what to do.
He thought for a minute
Before tapping his shoe.

Snake would be given a hiss
From the Mighty God.
But the hiss had to be taken
From the little wimpy Cod.

So the Snake got his fortune
From the Might God.
We just have to keep it a secret
From the Cod.

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dreamer_believer said...
Apr. 13, 2010 at 10:18 am
this is really cute!! :) it's like one of those native amerian fables explaining how things came to be, but you put a rhyming twist on it :) creative. it's good!!
tennisislovee34 replied...
Apr. 13, 2010 at 9:44 pm
haha i actually wrote this for my creative writing class in school, and my teacher thought it was extremely creative, and kept a copy to show future classes :)
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