Love Kills

October 24, 2009
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Here's the story of a girl,
who stood to tall
for so long,
that when the time came
No one could tell,
there was something wrong.
She fell in love,
So far and so fast,
with a boy
that was everything
she had ever dreamed of.
But the boy didn’t care
or so, it seemed.
But she just couldn’t take the pain.
Month after month…
She cried.
But soon,
she lost her pride.
Because she knew,
if she didn’t have him,
she had nothing.
Without anything to say,
there was only one thing left to do.
She had to end this pain…
Once and for all,
when the time came
she was ready;
she took the knife from her desk
and said…
“I wish I could tell you…
That I love you”
Then without breathing,
she plunged the knife into her chest
and screamed as she felt the knife
Break her broken heart.
And that’s the story…
Of a girl who stood so tall,
for so long,
who lost not only her pride,
but her life?
All because she loved a boy
who never knew
He loved her too.

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