October 24, 2009
By GabbyB SILVER, Lexington, Massachusetts
GabbyB SILVER, Lexington, Massachusetts
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I’m far from close,
yet close to far.
it's bright as the dark,
still dark as light.
Glimmering shadows,
speak in my eyes
and dawn with surprise,
but only lead lies.

the feeling in my soul rushes…
then hushes from inside out
speaks with words,
that bring me forward.
take me hear,
no need to fear,
the light has never been
quite as clear

moving stars…
falling like rain,
touch my skin,
and cause so much pain.
walking in the dark,
with my head straight down,
watching as my feet,
move with a beat.

don’t know where I’m going,
there’s no way of knowing
left or right.
I’m lost in the dreary night.
maybe straight ahead?
I think I should be led.
cant turn back now,
I’ve gone way to far.

My eyes are open.
I see what’s in back of me,
But not what’s in front.
What’s in front
always seems such a mystery.
The motion runs from under my skin
Into my veins
And out through my eyes
Showing the weakness
I never got a chance to show

Now I close my eyes
then I fall so fast
moving towards the end
the end of my story
the end of the line
the end of my time
the only time
Where I’m unidentified.

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