First Kiss

October 24, 2009
Eyes meet
She tucks that hair behind her ear
He cracks his knuckles (it’s a nervous habit)
A little step and small talk
She bites her lip
His hands get clammy
She has butterflies
His heart is pounding
She crosses her fingers
He holds her chin
They lean in
It’s a
First kiss
Those few seconds feel like forever as they pull away
Her cheeks are rosy red
He cracks that crooked smile
She says “buh-bye”
He wants to know “Can I call you tonight?”
Her smile grows as she nods
“Talk to you later then”
As they quickly walk away
She takes a peek behind her shoulder
He listens to her footsteps fade away
Once they’re out of sight
She jumps up as if to touch the sky
For the rest of the day he holds his head up high

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