An Angel's Love

October 23, 2009
By DrewM. BRONZE, Kinston, North Carolina
DrewM. BRONZE, Kinston, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is beautiful." -Loriel Morgan

Livin’ the moment
Lovin’ the dream
Clinging to my intellect
It becomes reality

I touch the sky
Without wings of flight
But I hold on to
An angel’s ray of light

I touch
And our spirits conjoin
Your eyes reach mine
Completeness is felt

Time has stopped
Just for us
We soar

Nothing can touch us
Not the clouds
Not the birds
We soar

I pause
And stop dreaming
My body gets heavy
I start to fall

I feel your touch before I fall
Envelops my senses
I relax
And wait.

Swooping below me
I feel your touch yet again
You hold me in your arms

Not letting me fall
I stare at the figure seizing me
So beautiful
So divine

We reach the ground
I gazed with a poignant face
You question me
I question you

“Why me?”
“I’m not an angel.”
“A spectacle to behold.”
“Undeserving of an angel.”

You immediately cling to me
I feel your love
So strong
I cry in your chest

“Why you?”
“You are an angel.”
“One that can never be replaced.”
“One that I will always love.”

He embraces me
Kisses my forehead
Strokes me gently
Taking my fears away

Livin’ the moment
Lovin’ the dream
I cling to my intellect
It all becomes reality

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