Nightmare of a Teenager

October 23, 2009
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She gazed at him with her love-filled eyes,
He gazed at her gorgeous smile with regret.
She never had to live through this surprise,
She never had to get this upset.
This is the nightmare of a teenage girl.
First your life is perfect, and then it turns into a whirl.

She thought back to their first kiss in her yard.
He thought of the new girl he would kiss.
She can’t believe it hit her this hard.
Crystal was not the girl this boy would miss.
The nightmare continues and harms the soul,
Trying to wake up is our main goal.

Crystal watched as Daniel walked away,
Thinking back to the words she wished she said.
Daniel turned to find her sobbing for the rest of the day,
He made a beautiful girl’s sparkle look dead.
As the nightmare starts to get even more sad,
The outcome in the end seems very bad.

Crystal later finds out that Sara is his new love,
She is angry and shocked at the guy she used to date.
Sara is beautiful with a voice like a dove,
Her old best friend is now the enemy Crystal has grown to hate.
She runs to Lily, her old friend,
They hug and cry together as Crystal tells what happened in the end.

Daniel can’t remember ever feeling so happy.
The girl of his dreams has finally recognized him.
Crystal was lovely and sweet and sappy,
But Sara is gorgeous and her smile is never dim.
Daniel has fallen for his one true love,
She is the one that was sent from heaven above.

Now Crystal’s alone in this nightmare tonight,
Daniel isn’t her love anymore.
Daniel was scared Crystal would scream or fight,
But she ended up crying until her love-filled eyes were sore.
The nightmare has ended and now it’s just a foreign dream,
The binding of two loves has ripped at the seam.

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BrokenUnbroken said...
Nov. 27, 2009 at 2:59 pm
great poem, couldnt have done better myself
pops814 said...
Nov. 5, 2009 at 9:35 pm
Straight from tne heart. It sums up all of life's love, loss, and maturing all in one poem.
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