Fly Away

October 23, 2009
Scarred as she is,
Broken and useless,
A mere forgotten toy.
No joy, no laughs,
Looked her in the eye and her heart broke,
Spoke the dreaded words and her whole world crashed,
Drowning and pained,
Agony has welcomed a new friend,
tearing and sobbing, anguish is attempting to comfort,
Light appears repulsive,
Dark attracts temptation,
The wings were ripped,
Now clipped and bleeding,
The crow cries in woe, and the hunter basks in glee.
Caged as she already is,
Hope is a foreign word,
Faith is a forgotten term.
Scarred as she already is,
To this cold world,
Death is freedom and Hell will be a blessing.
Broken and useless, she shall no longer burden,
A mere forgotten toy is now off your hands.
No laughs, no joys, her mouth is stitched,
Smiles are age’s afar,
Joy and laughs millennia’s past.
Scarred as she is,
No longer shall she be,
Her wings are broken,
But the soul still soars and soar will it do indeed,
Far away from this wretched cage.

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