The Guitarist

October 23, 2009
By Anonymous

it’s raining outside
but that’s okay
because i’m safe here
in your arms

lying together
in your little bed
that’s not big enough
for us both
but i don’t mind
we’ll sit close

i lie next to you
watching your hands
running over the
guitar strings
like a child running
away from trouble

i bury my face
in your messy hair
you smell like
clean laundry and lysol
and fresh chopped wood and
portuguese sweet bread

you immerse yourself
in the music
and i lie next to you
and listen

and you smile at me
in that special sort of way
and i smile

you play guitar
like it’s your life
spilling out in
the music
all the love, all the pain
all the hope

you pour out your soul

and the way you look
as you brush the strings
it’s as if you were touching
a lover

you strike each chord
every note that comes out
creating this
beautiful, beautiful song
i’ve never heard anything
more beautiful
i can only be
hypnotized, mesmerized

and as i watch you
i wish that
i could be
your guitar

if i am your guitar...
then our love is the song

it’s a song we both know
you taught it to yourself
took you so long
to learn
but now that you know it
by heart
you can’t forget it

so play it for me now
start it out slow
let the music intensify
and build to a crescendo

and i hope this song
goes on and on

the music so beautiful
the lyrics speaking
directly to my soul
and this song
will never end

you’ve played it to me
so many times before
so let’s just play it
again and again

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