I Am A Runner

October 23, 2009
By pigmasensei BRONZE, Calgary, Other
pigmasensei BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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I am a runner

I wonder the distance left for me to reach my goal

I hear my breath elongate as the size of my lungs extract and contract

I want to reach the finish line knowing I will faint like a drama queen

I am a runner, I am a runner

I pretend to soar like an eagle

I feel the swoosh of the wind hit my face in tender blow propelling me on

I touch the track in anticipation, rapidly readying myself to release my speed

I worry if I might stop before the end, or end before the stop

I cry when the dust from my opponents jumps in my face

I am a runner

I understand the suffering needed to complete my task

I say that winning is when your trying your best, doing your best without winning isn’t a win

I dream to be faster than Usain Bolt

I try to calm myself, pace myself, challenge myself

I hope to obliterate my enemies in the race like a fierce lion chasing after prey

I am a runner, I am a runner

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