October 23, 2009
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I cracked my head up to the sky

The sun’s glimmer reflected on thin sprouts of string on my head,
When I saw a dark shadow and gave a sigh,
I knew a storm would fall if I stayed on this cool grass bed;
Striking like a berserker with revolting rage,
My life would be taken this day and age.

Focusing in like a raven looking for lunch
Never stopping that beast from above ruining a sunny day,
Striking from a distance saw me a boom that packed a punch
Many animals scattered in terrible terror I say:
For the end of the world was to come and stay,
Fury critters ever so smart relieved to leave the forest without delay.

Cold went to colder like a subzero room
Leaves swirling around stray from their home:
And there watched I, what a horrible gloom,
Descending on this place like the blanket of night that roams:
Still I did not stir, common sense overcome by seeing the end
Fear and fury replaced by awe, my soul begged what my mind didn’t recommend:

Omnipotent as the entire heavenly host
Relaxing calm transformed to excitement beyond measure,
The storm was one that needn’t be described by any boast
The sky opened by cracks of light with great pleasure;
All this saw I in the innards of the eye seam,
O, what a lovely, luscious, and unanticipated dream

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