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A loud silence.

October 22, 2009
By Andrea Morris GOLD, Waynesboro, Virginia
Andrea Morris GOLD, Waynesboro, Virginia
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It was a loud silence.
A silence you could hear, you could listen to.
It almost screamed.
It shattered the hope I once had.
Like the crushing of a million bones.
It made my heart race.
Like a thousand horses looking to reach one destination.
The shock hit me like a brick wall.
Crushing me into little pieces that only you could fix.
The pieces you left me to clean on my own.
The tears fell u pon my face,
Like the razors fell upon my wrist.
As i hoped for the courage to press down.
The sound was screaming.
Screaming to be forgot.
The sound was goodbye.

The author's comments:
I had just gotton my heart broken, and I hated myself for some things I had done. No, I'm not 'emo' and Yes, I'm over it. And I never cut, that was just an expression.

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