Words alone are worthless.

October 22, 2009
By lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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A rainbow, a river, the stars and the sky,
a hope, a dream, a passion that we just might,
appreciate such fond of nature.

Oh how beautiful means of living are existing,
around us every day, longing to be glistening,
with care and smiles and affection.

If we could only love like you; all knowing and creator,
give a gentle slight touch to all you have favored,
we would know the skys are endless.

When failure has its way into making me become weak,
I glance at this Earth, and all you have seeked,
so stunning, but possible and hopeful.

A glimpse of the past, where did this all begin?
first steps and first words, unaware of what we would win;
a Kingdom, according to your plan.

While your miracles can speak alone, and glaring eyes only ponder,
others take it for granted, careless for now and for longer,
secretly dying inside for you.

And though you do not linger in plain sight today,
we feel you in our hearts in such a way,
that words alone are worthless.

Oh beautiful vision in which we can not see,
lead us to become simply what you made us to be,
perfect and flawless in your eyes.

When we lie in bed and merely pray to you.
and think of your wonders; how unbelievable yet true,
so amazing, we can't dare to fathom.

How we praise you, Lord and this Earth you have created
From two bare hands, you made beauty from once faded.
And though we do not know when,
and we do not know why,
it all comes together somehow.

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