You say you love me-

October 22, 2009
By Xxsome:randomnessxX BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Xxsome:randomnessxX BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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"I never slapped you, I congratulated you by 'high-fiving' your face!"

You may say that you love me in front of your little friend,
yes the one no more than three inches tall, with the horns and pincer tail.
He tells you what to do and tells you how to lie and the other that is pure,
trust me friend he tells me your lies.

About how you ‘were’ star quarterback, so many years ago,
at some fancy school up north, you didn’t have to flaunt it so.
That never may have happened, but you stuck the story straight.
You say these things now, but the little man still tells me flavors of your bait.

It may not be true or politically correct, but you still give me heck.
You may not know it yet, but I enjoy the the things you do.
Your words and slurs fly freely, betwixt and between lines unseen.
You may think you’re the judge in your mind, but who holds the gavel?

All the little quirks and momentary jerks, that seem to lace up to you so well
the way that you eats pizza, always with a fork, you dork.
And how you hate if lights are on, with no one in that room.
I wouldn’t even criticize you, if you ate soup with a fork.

In case you hadn’t noticed im smarter than I seem.
I may not always catch the man, who committed things unto me.
But dammit you’re the only one that hasn’t been a synch to catch.
Others would hold their heads up high and act they hadn’t noticed.

Your not that type of person, no your far to clever than that.
And I should know, I’ve stayed this long, to play your little games.
Not only to win but to carry all the fun we’ve picked up-along the way.
A get-out-of-jail for free card wont suffice this time, I’ve come to realize.

I plan to make you pay, not the fives or ones, ill go for the gullet.
All the five hundreds you picked up while I slacked off,
now there marked as clearly as the way you used to flirt.
You think you hold many trump cards, but they are just the fakes.

I hold the real ones, you can tell them by the lochs of crimson hair
The last to fall in your quick sand pit, haven’t quite escaped.
As you know I know them so, the recommended me for you.
I hope our game continues next time, ready for round two?

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