October 22, 2009
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I needed you last night
So I searched the mirror to try to find a piece of you in me
But all I found were the shattered pieces of a long-forgotten dream
I don't remember what used to be
I don't remember what you meant to me
I remember how you broke me and left me to drown in my sea of tears
I remember how you found me out and became al of my incredible fears
But I'll watch the sun rise over the mountains
And set into the sea
And I'll feel her embrace as her warm touch envelops me
I'll watch the summer welcome the fall
And the winter change into spring
And the ice around my heart will melt and free my soul to sing
I'll hang your picture on my wall and watch its color fade
As time goes by and cleans me up and mends the hurts you made
Now you're but a distant memory
A castaway at sea
My heart doesn't need you anymore
And that's reality
That's MY reality.

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