Crystal City I see

October 22, 2009
1.. 2.. 3..
That’s how many dead animals I see.
On the side of the dirty bumpy roads.
Not always such a beautiful view with little small
Swaps and toads.
You see small old buildings when you drive by,
Also tall palm tress that cover up the sky.
During the day kids play in the park,
Then the teenagers come out when it gets dark.
Good hot cheesy nachos during festivals,
Every time I visit the last thing on my list is vegetables.
Barbacoa on a Sunday morning
with hot flour tortillas
Was my delicious breakfast serving.
Families outside doing cookouts
with loud music.
For everyone a party was the lookout.
Love sitting in my grandmas dining room where
Everyone sits down laughs and gossip.
But once they talk about me
I tell them to stop it.
Babysitting on a Saturday night
The parents are out we get out the pillows and fight
My grandmas roof is the place where me
and my cousin chill,
laying down and chitchatting very still.
Crystal City not born but raised is my home.

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