The Meaning Of Discrimination

October 22, 2009
If I were a poem
I would tell each and every one of you
The meaning of discrimination
Apathy, Hate, confusion, anger

If I were a feeling
You would know it buy my written words
It hurts deep inside of the human soul
Which burn and change my life?

If I were a newspaper
I would ask you the question in my brain
Willing to come out
Why apathy not caring in heart?
It makes you selfish
Why hate?
It makes happiness go away

If I were peace
I will teach you virtue
That’ll make each person unique
And free of their judgments
By color, believes, gender, ethnicity
Everything that has discrimination

If I were congress
I would pass a law
Discrimination to be ended
In every part of house
And every part of world

If I were a poem
I would erase discrimination forever
In every heart that beats every day

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