October 22, 2009
By Anonymous

If I were a poem
I would write only words of anger
Big letters screaming out of the page
Without taking a break to breathe
If I were a poem
Words of confusion would be written out
Nothing would have made sense
Too much things on a person’s mind
Just to live up to others expectations
If I were a poem a damp page would be seen
You could imagine a waterfall of tears has fallen on it
The ink smeared across the surface making it unreadable
The person feeling sad while others frown upon her
What does it take to make them happy?
One mistake and the world falls apart
If I were a poem
I would tell you right away
I am not a genius
I am just a kid
Being responsible
Getting good grades
Not heading down a bad road
Well I’m not heading towards that road
All I ask is to give me a break
Try to be in my position
Remember back to when you were a kid
Did you like feeling pressured?
Were you afraid to let others down?
Think about it…

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