Minds of the Mad

October 22, 2009
A maniac in a self sufficient mind.
The outside aid is out of order,
And the long distance calls are running out of time.

A rebel in a clausterphobic mind.
No escape, panic attacks are closing in from behind,
Crowding your equilibruim to the brink of insane,
A chip off the old block, but never quite the same.

A schizophrenic in an abnormal mind.
Hanging onto paranoia,
And sentences strung out into a chain that binds,
Sanity unable to find.

A hypocrite in a D.I.Y mind.
Broken promises,
And a mound of lies you hide yourself behind.
The boastful swagger, and your cunning lies leave us blind.

A protagonist in an antagonist mind.
Fights against the enemy, but backstabs the allies of his own kind.
A traitor, in the hatred, existance seems to find him in.
No one knows behind those walls, that martyr has done sin.

Minds of the diseased, what thoughts they might have had.
Swimming in their own misery...in the minds of the mad

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