October 22, 2009
I open the front door
And let the sweet sky’s scent
Fill my nostrils
I close my eyes
And take it in once more
While the sky smiles at me,
Its dimples twinkling at me
And its one eye opens wide to see me
I run through the open door
Halfway looking
While the front is still left open
I do not fear getting hurt
Or for my home to be intruded
For my home is elsewhere
I go down the street
Running, twirling, skipping, jumping
And yes there is a difference
To my new home
The sky’s dimples fade
Into a kind violet and a sweet blue
The sky’s one eye begins to brighten
To lead me to my new home
I slowly keep going
Legs tired
Knees buckled
And breathe short
I look up; in the distance I see my home
It’s running towards me
I find the strength and run
As soon as I reach him I wrapped my arms around him
And he does the same to me
Some my call me crazy for making him my new home
But I call them crazy for not seeing that
The exterior may not be as lavished as the last one
However, this one has warmth, kindness
And the sweetest love I have ever seen
He is my heart
I am his
Together we shall be one
Until life shall do us a sad farewell

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TwilightButterfly said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 11:28 pm
Thank you I hope I can put more up soon
KoolChik said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 5:18 pm
Now that's poetry I love the way you decribe eveything and how this boy means a lot to you. It doesn't matter whats on the outside its what on the inside that counts and I love it.
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