This World Alone

October 22, 2009
This world alone,
Does not tell us,
Who we will be,
Where we will go,
Who we will see.
This world alone,
Is not always fair,
It does not always go your way,
It almost doesn't care.
This world alone,
Has hatred beyond belief,
Kills people under your feet,
Makes good friends deceit.
This world alone,
Under the right influence,
Under the right care,
Can do wonders.
This world alone,
Makes miracles,
Makes wonderful people,
Makes historic events.
If you do not start with an idea,
A hope for a better world,
A dream to make a difference,
This world alone would be,
FULL of hatred,
FULL of selfishness,
FULL of murder,
It is not...

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dreamyface77 said...
Dec. 17, 2009 at 3:37 pm
This is real good!! =T
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