I Am a Mime

October 22, 2009
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I am a Mime, that is trapped in a box
With no one to listen to the pain of my thoughts
My cries go unheard and are turned into shouts
Not long before they are turned into doubt, wether life is worth living or wether I'd be better without

This black and white paint that I spread on my face, is not here to put the people I meet in their place
It is my call to be heard above all the rest
To be heard as the brightest the strongest the best
It is a call so enchanting that if it could only be heard it would lure with the essence of hope that it holds

My story it longs to be told
But doesn't own a voice that will cary it far enough to be heard

Am I invisible, like a window
can you see right through me
Still you expect me to show you the truth, but I'm hiding in secrecy because of you
Never appreciating the things I do
How I walk, talk or even look
I never took your attention
You never took the time to listen
So now I refuse to speak
All you hear is this beat
A reflection of the voice inside of me
The anger
The rage
I refuse to perform on life's stage as your puppet
I'd rather be a mime
Trapped in the maze of my mind
Escape from times like these
I question
To be or not to be

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