Do you remember...

October 22, 2009
By Desireeilyx3 BRONZE, Massena, New York
Desireeilyx3 BRONZE, Massena, New York
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Do you remember…
When you tripped
On your own step?
How you brought
Manson over in your purse?
Do you remember
When we had
Chicken for breakfast
when we spilt nacho cheese on your floor?
How you slept ‘til twelve
And I laid there waiting for you to wake up?
Do you remember…
Going under the bridge
With Bree and I
And finding Ollie
Then protecting him from cars?
Do you remember
our sleepover…
when we ate all her food
and stayed up all night?
Do you remember laying in the grass
when the guy rode by?
Do you remember
Walking down Main St.
And having that guy repeatedly honk at us.
Do you remember…
When we were
best friends?
When we could tell each other..
All our secrets.
Do you remember?

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