Those Nights I'll Never Forget

October 22, 2009
By Whitcomb SILVER, Massena, New York
Whitcomb SILVER, Massena, New York
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Those nights we sat by the fire,
Those nights we glanced around at all of us there,
We knew we all had one thing in common,
We wished you had not left us so early.
Those nights we left all grudges go,
Your Presence was the chain to link us together,
As we watched fire burn, smoke rise, and we looked up
at the stars knowing you are watching us.
I still feel you beside me.
I know you had dreams, and I hope you’re still living them too.
I wish I could have shown you another way.
April Fools will never be forgotten.
You will always be in my heart too,
Zachary, dearly I miss you.

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