Continue Forever

October 22, 2009
By Anonymous

I am from sports,
From basketball and shiny courts.
I am from the big brown, green shuddered house
(Cozy, shiny, busy with cars pulling in and out)
I am from summer Daisies,
From the sweet smell of pink Lilies
In spring air carried by wind
I am from buzzing flies at family cookouts
and crazy jokesters,
From Tim and Maryann
I am from political talkers
And football fanatics,

From “always have a smile” and
Never being wrong.
I am from Hail Mary, full of grace
The lord is with thee.
I am from the most northern part of nowhere,
Oriental dragons and the Boston Tea Party,
From spaghetti pizza and endless Thanksgiving stuffing,
From good ole Aunt Shelly’s surprise Circ De Soule to Disney tickets,
Shopping sprees with Mom and Gma
I am from prized pictures hanging on welcoming walls in
each family’s house,
Where I will continue to be forever,
Never forgetting where I’m from.

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