The Little Boy

October 22, 2009
I can feel him watching me.
Examining my every move.
His eyes are glued to me.
As i glance over, they are filled with sorrow.
He looks away and waits until I do the same.
He continues observing me, but with more caution.
Other kids talk about him.
No one knows his name.
Teachers leave him alone.
He keeps to himself.
He never speaks.
He never smiles.
Many say he is just shy.
But i believe it is much more than that.
I glance over once more.
He is still watching.
I grin at him.
He doesn't smile back.
He just stares...
His face is full of confusion.
Slowly, the corner of his mouth starts to move.
I think he is trying to smile back.
My heart starts racing controllably.
But then a frown appears.
He quickly turns away, and hides himself from me.
My spirit is bruised.
But my hope is still strong.
One day, I will see that smile.
But for right now, I am content with just seeing him.
For he is different than most boys.
Something bothers him deep inside.
It is a mystery to me...
He is a mystery to me...
As i am sure, will always be a mystery to me.

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