missing dad

October 27, 2009
i didint have a dad till 10 years ago but
it wasnt my dad
it was someone my mom married
dont get me wrong i love my step dad
but my life is uncomplet with out my dad
i wonder what he looks like
i alway told that he is a very emotional,
thats why im very emotional
i know i get my anger from him
all i want to know is if he love me
and if he does then why did he leave me or why isnt he trying to find me
everytime i look in the mirror i see his eyes
i am almost 17 and never meet my dad
the only thig i know about him is that he is a drunk

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jnl4ever said...
Nov. 20, 2009 at 8:22 am
i would hate to not know who my dad was
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