October 27, 2009
By Alberta Kukaj SILVER, Congers, New York
Alberta Kukaj SILVER, Congers, New York
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I hear the roars of laughter coming from outside
And I wonder what is going on outside
I go out to the front door, but the laughter starts to fade away,
Now I begin to think it’s just my imagination,
But I hear it
When I go back inside and I hear it again.
I walk to the back door this time and I step onto the cool surface
I look around and see everyone on the big trampoline
I sprint towards the trampoline and get on.
All six of us jumping at different times,
I fall down onto my sister causing her to fall too.
We laugh so hard that we cry.
Something about the crisp summer air
That can bring a family together.
I keep repeating to myself…
Best day ever, best day ever
It truly was a great day; I was with my family playing and laughing.
There weren’t any problems that day, just us in the backyard
My older brother has disappeared; we don’t know where he went.
We look around and we see no sign of him,
He comes back with a long, green, snakelike hose and sprays us with cold water.
Everyone scatters off the trampoline to get away from him, but he ends up chasing us all around the backyard.
We make a plan how to stop him, I run out and distract him from the others and they jump out and take the hose away from him.
We know that we could run inside and he wouldn’t be able to spray us there,
But there was no fun in that,
We were all happy that day
And we knew we wouldn’t be able
To have that kind of family moment again for a long time

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