Even Angels Cry…

October 26, 2009
What is this? What is this place…? I cannot see, I cannot hear, There is just darkness…I am alone…By my self in this hollow void, I can see my life before me…All my regrets, my pain, my sorrows…they wash past me, haunting me no longer…I feel nothing in this place…no emotion, no feelings, no comfort, no bliss, no hatred, no indifference, Just…darkness…I cannot move from this one single spot, It is as if I am chained in place, shackled in a dark room with no doors or windows, Locked within this space, Locked within my soul, I feel my skin breaking, my reflection beginning to shatter, and my existence beginning to fade, It is still…I wait seemingly endlessly, but this sleep is interrupted by a light…a small flicker in the distance, I feel the chains around me loosen, and I begin to move forward, My soul regains it heartbeat, and I take a deep breath, I feel my whole self become stronger, as I lift myself up, I continue to push forward, Through this omniscient yet surreal reality, I draw closer, and closer, nearing my destination, nearing my salvation, so close I can almost reach the light that draws me, I reach out, and extend my entire being, my whole self…So close now I am able to touch it, I pull myself closer and embrace the light, cupping it within the palms of my hands, I gaze upon it like I am holding the very heavens, So content, So peaceful, My thoughts slowly return, and I let go of my breathe, as my lungs start to fill ounce more, I squeeze tighter, and I see a flash of light, a glimpse of reality, I squeeze again, and I begin to feel my emotions ounce more, sending tears running down my withered face, the tears fall and hit the ground with a thunderous sound, I can hear…Soon the ground fills and I can feel the presence of water, Rising, and beginning to grow around me, Another flash and I see an image of a cloudy yet beautiful sky, and it begins to rain, the water continues to rise to my waist, and continues to surround me, I twist the heavens within my grasp, and the water fades, disappears, and earth takes form…tall grass all around me, I can feel it sway back and forth as the wind begins to blow, I can feel my blood begin to coarse ounce more though my veins, and I feel my life return to me, My eyes ease open, but just a little, but are soon burned by the light within my hands, Then I pull forth all my strength and push my palms slowly together, forcing the light to break…Darkness floods me ounce more…my thoughts slowly wake from there slumber, and body slowly recovers, I feel the rain drops hit my face as I lay motionless on my back, I sit up, pull myself together, and ease my eyes open ounce more, I can see…but not entirely, void of light my eyes begin to bleed, and blur my vision, I wipe the tears from my eyes, and slowly see what appears to be a shadow, a silhouette of another, I wipe my eyes again, and move closer, but not to close out of fear, out of doubt, My vision begins to focus, and the image I see brings me to my knees, the other hears my presence, and turns to me, and walks up to me, staring down at my tattered soul, I slowly bring myself to gaze back, it is a women…the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…Instantly my breath is taken, but I my body automatically stands me upright to face her…I stare back at her and feel my whole self trapped within her angelic eyes, that seem to carry all knowledge, I watch as her eyes begin to water, and I instantly feel her emotion infect me, as tears ounce again pour from my eyes, she regains her composure and stares at me, and asks me two simple questions…”Where have you been?, Why are you here?” I raise my head facing downward and stare at her ounce more, replying only with the words my heart beckons, “I was…searching for you…”, “And I am here to protect you…”, She collapses and falls to the ground, weeping her very soul, I lower my self to her and wrap my arms around her tightly, whispering into her ear “It is okay my love, you are safe now…I love you…”

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laaeira said...
May 4, 2010 at 6:41 pm
i reallly liked it goood  jod keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cassieslullaby This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Oct. 13, 2010 at 10:45 pm
Well thank you! =D, I appreciate it!
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