The Way She is

October 26, 2009
Shes short, but athletic.
She is loud and outspoken.
She hates people yelling and calling her little.
She has nightmares of freaky vampires.
She eats all the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.
Dr. Pepper is her best friend, but she is a cherry coke at heart.
Sometimes she is confident, other’s she’s self-conscious.
Her friends help her with everything and anything,
But she knows her family will always be there for her.
She still forgets her shoes when she walks out the door.
She is deathly afraid of getting sick again.
She wishes she would get better to be normal,
And to not be one of those people who could have cancer.
She is ecstatic when she’s with her boyfriend.
She loves shooting stars.
She wishes people would be supporting of her.
She knows that she could have the whole world in her hand.
She feels it’s that way already.
She’s too lazy to get dressed up,
So she wears shorts, tank tops, and flip flops all the time,
If she could she would wear them year round.
She eats twizzlers everyday,
But her dog steals them from her.
She’s afraid of metal poles.
She has a scar on her leg from one.
She is nervous about her family getting along,
But she’s glad they are still here.

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