October 26, 2009
Coming out
Staying hidden
Hard to balance both
Don’t want to lie
But some people just can’t know

Most people see one
I see both
Not everyone agrees with me
I get called disgusting
But they don’t know it’s me
A few say it’s wrong
They have no idea how I feel

I want to scream
But then I don’t
Tired of hiding inside myself
But scared of what’ll happen
If I step out
Step out of the closet
I’m trapped inside
Fumbling for the knob
Then hesitating to touch it
I don’t know what to do
Sick of this war within myself

I’ve told a few
But still feel stuck
Feel like if I tell
Everything I’m working for
Will go down the tubes
The acceptance
The friendship
The great school year
It’ll be gone
Disappear before my eyes

I’ve come this far
I’m feeling good
If only I didn’t have this secret
Locked inside my head

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