I Need You

October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Peace Girl
Phone Clicks
I let it Fall From my Hand
Flop onto my bed

It’s Your Laugh, Your Smile
Its The Good Times We’ve had
And the bad ones we pulled each other through
It’s the way you look me in the eyes
And the way you always know what to say
It’s our girl’s days in
And our just because All nighters

The way you make me feel
It’s beyond words
It’s addicting
I want nobody but you

I see you with her
I know what she does
It tears me up inside
You deserve better then that
And I want my chance
To give you that something better

Girl you’re a queen
You need to see that
If you give me the chance
I’ll give you everything you need
Make you smile that gorgeous smile
Every day

And I promise
That you’ll only cry those happy tears
I don’t know why I fell for you
Or why it happened now
All I know is that I only need one chance
To show you what love really is
So take my hand and well escape to a world
Where it’s just you and me

The author's comments:
to a very special girl I know named April

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