Sunny Days no Longer

October 22, 2009
By bootzie-bday SILVER, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
bootzie-bday SILVER, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Life's a dance,
You learn as you go.
Sometimes you lead,
Sometimes you follow. <3 (:

Talk to your friends
About what’s going on, honey,
Tell them about everything
Including how you can’t be outside when it’s sunny.
And how you’re allergic
And you can’t get a tan,
Talk to your friends
I know they’ll understand.

But mom, that’s not easy
I’ll get made fun of a lot,
Whether they’re my best friends or not
They’ll laugh and play outside,
Having fun, and telling everyone
Like it’s not a big deal
since I can’t be in the sun,
They’ll act like there’s nothing to hide
About the fact that I have to stay inside.

But honey that’s not true,
They’ll love you anyway;
With your cool little cloak covering your waist,
And the rest of your body, to hide from the little hot
Thing called the sun;
Don’t worry you’ll have fun.
Have a great day at school,
Listen to your teacher and her rules.
And don’t worry about being made fun of,
What’re friends for?

Everything, and more..

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