Living Life on the Edge

October 21, 2009
By Anonymous

There it is staring me down the face
Something so big that it strikes fear in everybody who dares to try it
There I am, in those same shoes, ready to go
Raise the hand, start my approach, fear engulfing me

Coming in hot, I spring up and into the air I go
Initiating my spin, I turn blind to where I am going
No control,
No fear,
No worries
It’s just me, spinning, readying myself for the landing. . .

Such a gracious and smooth movement, it reminds you of doves flying from a basket during a wedding
Who knew that fear could be so beautiful
Then the horror appears before my astonished eyes
I am short, too short, I cannot make it and I am already set to land

Impact, the impact you cannot forget
The bull has taken my board and I by the horns
Down the landing I roll scared and in disbelief
The Jump has claimed another victim. . .

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