Our Boys

October 21, 2009
By harvardsp2013 SILVER, Castleton, New York
harvardsp2013 SILVER, Castleton, New York
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Thank you guys,
for bringing us so far,
for bringing us together,
no matter where you are.

You did a great job,
the best that you could,
and forever be it know,
that was understood.

Through hard work and sweat,
and the plague of 09,
you went all the way,
and never crossed the line.

Bad refs, and wrong shot clocks,
little waterboys and all.
If that didn't stop you,
you will never fall.

Hours on busses,
and miles of nerves,
you still played your best,
and gave them what they deserved.

You did a great thing,
and brought a community together,
this is your legacy,
and will be remembered forever.

Autographys on t-shirts,
and pictures with fans,
you are our heroes,
for being all that you can.

You made us proud,
and that is the truth.
We are honored to wear,
your colors red, white and blue.

From point guard, to shooting guard,
and defense to offense,
you worked as a team,
look how far you went.

Thanks for a great season,
but it's not over yet.
Thhe court is where you belong,
you shall not forget.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because our Boys Varsity Basketball team made it all the way to states and lost in the final round. They were 2ed in the states. We're a small school so we had almost everyone at their games, commuting, car pooling, painting faces and dying hair. When they lost it was devestating. But being the school that we are, we rallied behind them and made a caravan of more than 25 cars comming back from the Glens Falls Civic Center after their final game. I wrote this to lift the guys' spirits. Origionally it was just for my profile on AIM, then it was handed out to everyone at the basketball dinner. This basketball team brought our community together, at parties and ralleys. We even had kids asking for auto graphs. I was proud of my school and our team and they inspired me to write this.

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