SunShine Is In Destinys Hands

October 21, 2009
By SunShine-light BRONZE, Cedar Grove, Tennessee
SunShine-light BRONZE, Cedar Grove, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
Don't look in the past nor the future for you live in the present this is your moment right here right now

I am trying too escape the past, running and hiding in fear,
of what is too come of me one day,
No don't look back for it is your past, tempting too resist
too forget, sometimes it's better too
remember because it is got you where you are today,
ive learned from my mistakes
I know more are too come of me; but not the same
one, I will not approach you again
for I am saying goodbye too the dirty inhabbits
that I have come along within,
the sun is beautiful my deer what shall come
of tommorrow? do you feel
as if nothing good will come of today for you have
made too many mistakes
I do not fear of anything incosistant of that nature
for I have come face too face
with it before, I learned from my actions I had taken not
so long ago,
the consequences weren't so brutal; but it still taught me well,
for I have ran into
a cactus, it's thorns so aching to my brain;
Oh how it
hurt, I slammed into it like an airplane crashing from the sky,
now I have learned my lesson,
you are a very wise teacher, it was nice too meet you Mr. Cactus
it was a shattering incounter
I hope to see you again but not like this, fate will come,
for I am in destiny hands
what will come of tommorrow who knows; but I do know
sunshine well shine again.

The author's comments:
I had taken the wrong path in my life and it got me into trouble and somebody helped me out on the way too get me too my next journy

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