To The Young And The Tired

October 20, 2009
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We live in a world of destruction and pain
A realization many of us have yet to claim
I at times think we won’t survive
To see that day of ultimate truth and deciphered lies
We as the young and tired must rise to the occasion
Not believing the secrets behind the truths behind the secrets of our world congregation
The love of the pain we have come to expect
The lies in the truth we have come to neglect
Only the weak see the strong be strong and wish in secret
The bittersweet feelings of wanting, having, gaining, and accepting
What is, what was, and what is to come
As the sun moves to make way for the moon which moves to make way for God
I as one of the young and the tired must move to make you see
I have that same power of God inside of me
Coping with the past and fearing the future
We as the young and tired must step into a realm of uncertainty
A path traveled by few, dreamed of by some, and feared by all
As birds fly high and fish swim low
We as the young and the tired must observe the crumbling world around us
Slowing remembering each piece as it falls into that abyss of eternity
Hoping to one day put it back together again
Why must we fix it…Glue it together…Tape it up….And sew it into one
Because we are young and tired
Young because we have yet to be truly soured by the bitter taste of this cruel world
Tired because of the tears we’ve seen cried for broken dreams and unreal realities
We must…. not only because we are the young and tired
We must because if we don’t
Who will?

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Hisa-Ai said...
Oct. 29, 2009 at 10:17 pm
Wow... Really deep...
I like it.
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